Linyi Ronghua Cultural Creative Rattan Decoration Co.,ltd established in the year of 2001 is a direct manufacturer and exporter specializing in variety of willow and straw handicrafts.It is located in the famous willow town –Linshu ,Southeast of Shandong China. After 16 years of development, now its annual output value is more than 12 million US Dollars.


  • 2001


    Founded in 2001

  • 35000

    Covers an area of 35,000 ㎡

  • 200


    More than 200 employees


How to make willow products more durable?
When using willow products, they will often be used in some humid or humid places. At this time, everyone should pay attention to it. After the use is completed, the moisture on the surface of the product should be wiped in time to ensure that Its surface is dry.
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How does the art of willow products reflect?
There are many types of willow products, such as seats, baskets, baskets, dustpans, buckets, wicker boxes, hoe, flower baskets, hedges, food plates, etc. in domestic sales.
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Tips for storing willow products
Willow storage baskets should be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Strong sunlight will cause willow fibers to oxidize, discolor, and become brittle. If you do not use them for a long time,
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Linyi Ronghua Cultural Creative Rattan Decoration Co.,ltd

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Add:Linshu County, Shandong Province, China

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